Knight & Abbey in the field, 1st Year

CH Knight of Brefne JH - Group Win

We love to spend time with our dogs, they are part of the family and are excellent working companions.  Just going on a casual walk draws attention as many don't even know what a Labrador bred to the standard actually looks like, so we get a surprising question a lot, "What type of Dog is that?"  Well, it's what a Labrador is supposed to look like and act like, not a high strung, overbred specimen, but a great companion that will make you proud in the ring, the field and, most of all, with your family 
...........  that doesn't mean they wont chew up your boots on occasion !
We have owned, bred and trained Labrador Retrievers for over 20 years focusing on strong structure, excellent field ability and temperament.  We strive to raise and train dogs that will be envied in the ring, excel in the field and, last but not least, be a welcome addition to any family.

We are focused on excellent lines with strong English breeding to meet the highest standards for conformation while assuring demonstrated field ability and only offer select litters on a limited basis from our home in Northern California or from select likeminded breeders in the Western United States


Excellence - Ring, Field & Family

Labrador Retrievers - Show & Field

Planning for January 2017 Litter

Next litter in planning will be an all chocolate litter !